Community Strategic Plan

From its earliest days one of the goals of the Amherst Island Community Alliance was the creation of a strategic plan for the island. This plan would take into consideration island resources, capacity, and the goals and aspirations of islanders and island groups.

This began with a series of public meetings that asked residents for ideas about what they felt the island was doing well, what we needed less of, what we needed more of, and where our sights were set. It continued with the administration in July 2019 of an islander-wide census that aimed to capture those metrics in a measurable and digestible format. And it continues now with more focused public consultation and advocacy to highlight the best, easiest, and most impactful projects and initiatives to support and grow the island into the future.

Two information sessions were held on the long weekend in September to lay out the information gathered in the census. They were followed up by another public meeting later that month during which community organizations were welcomed to join the AICA to present their work and their goals to the community.

These are the results of those meetings as the strategic document presented that day.