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Calling All AI Artisans and Fine Craftspeople

Are you an island artisan or creator of innovative works? The AICA has a new challenge for you. We are starting a program in 2021 to recognize the time and effort that our residents put into their front gardens on the island. Qualifying gardens will be given an “AI Blooms Recognition Marker” and we would like to have local artisans and craftspeople design and produce the markers that will be given out over the next few years.

Are you up to the task? If you are interested in proposing your ideas and concepts please download a copy of the Request for Proposal. Submit your proposal here. Deadline is March 31st, 2021. We look forward to hearing from you.

AICA Annual General Meeting

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Sunday, September 20, 2020  2:00pm – 4:00pm
The Lodge on Amherst Island

Outdoor meeting on the back deck (rain plan is to move to the Sunroom)
Please wear a mask and maintain social distance
The Annual General Meeting is open to all interested members of the community.

The Secretary shall compile the list of members eligible to register and vote at the meeting. Only those individuals who were members during the previous fiscal year are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting. For the proxy voting form please click here.


Business transacted at the meeting shall include:

a. Presentation and passing of the corporate by-law.  To obtain a copy please click here or call 613-389-1005 for a printed copy.

b. The Chair, on behalf of the Board, shall present a report of the activities and accomplishments of the Alliance since the last Annual General Meeting;

c. The Treasurer shall report on the finances of the Alliance for the previous fiscal year including a detailed statement of the receipts and expenditures since the last Annual General Meeting and a statement of the assets and liabilities of the Alliance, certified by the Auditors;

 d. The Nominating Committee shall make their recommendation on Directors to be elected and the Members shall elect the Directors;

 e. The Members shall appoint the auditors for the upcoming year; e. The Members shall pass a motion to amend the bylaw or constitution, if desired. Such amendment or revision will only take effect upon conclusion of the meeting or such later date as may be stipulated in the amendment;

 f. The Members shall pass a Corporate Motion removing the liability of the Directors for their actions in the prior year. The motion shall be “That all acts including the proceedings, appointments, elections and payments enacted, made, done and taken by the Directors and Officers of the Alliance since the last Annual General Meeting be approved, ratified and confirmed.”;

g. Any such further business as may properly come before an Annual General Meeting.

Community Update 1

Volume 1 / Issue 1 – Amherst Island Community Alliance

Printable (PDF) version here

Dear Residents of Amherst Island,

Firstly, I want to assure everyone that as your councillor, I am here for you throughout the duration of this public health emergency. Since large public gatherings are discouraged at this time, I have determined to communicate with you once a week by radio. I will be live on air at 9 am every Friday morning on CJAI Radio at 101.3 FM to provide, among other information, any important updates I receive from various levels of government and KFL&A Public Health. I remain, as always, available by phone and email for any and all needs or inquiries.

It is important during times such as these for elected officials to offer reputable information as well as sound and reassuring advice. In that vein I would like to state a few important points; most will already be familiar to you, but they are worth repeating.

“For the safety of all, it is paramount that citizens follow the direction of Public Health officials during this pandemic”

Public Health Protocols

For the safety of all, it is paramount that citizens follow the direction of Public Health officials during this pandemic. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention is currently reporting that messaging on COVID-19 needs to be: everyone is at risk of (potentially) severe health complications from this virus, as increasing numbers of young people between the ages of 20 and 44 (previously thought to be of lesser concern) are having to be treated in intensive care units. It remains, however, that certain other demographics are at a much higher risk. Of particular relevance to Amherst Island, those most at risk of increased morbidity (from COVID-19) are the elderly, those with immunosuppressive conditions, those with heart conditions, lung problems, and those with diabetes. To protect the most vulnerable it is vital that social distancing be observed at all times. Remember: these protective measures are about preventing YOU from becoming a vector of the virus to others. These measures are in place to protect the most at risk among us. Social distancing means staying at home unless it is necessary to go out. Going to a friend’s place for coffee is not social distancing. When you must be in proximity to someone else, stand at least six feet apart from them. Again, of note for Islanders in particular, no one is to leave their vehicle on board the ferry unless to use the washroom. Fares have been suspended, so no contact with anyone outside your vehicle is necessary. This is to protect you and our front-line ferry crew, to whom we all owe a debt of gratitude for their continued service.

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”

Coretta Scott King

Further, all residents of Amherst Island who are returning from anywhere outside of Canada, welcome home! We are so glad you are back, and safe. As you may already know, you are asked to self-isolate for a minimum period of 14 days. This means going home straight away and entering complete isolation. Most organizations have already established protocols to protect their staff and workers should they come into contact with persons screened for the virus, such as those returning from abroad. So again, for public safety and to minimize economic disruption, anyone returning from abroad is advised to go straight home and remain there. To help ensure isolated people have what they need when they arrive and during their isolation, there are currently community groups and local business making every effort to supply those persons with basic necessities. Those who are self-isolating are encouraged to phone friends or reach out to some of these organizations, and to pay attention for updates on these initiatives. Amherst Island thrives in such circumstances and no one will go hungry or without basic necessities. You may be isolated, but you are not alone!

Anyone who wishes to be of assistance in supplying those who are self-isolating can contact the Amherst Island Community Alliance, who are spearheading these efforts in coordination with other valued organizations of Amherst Island.

Lastly, KFL&A Public Health is discouraging any non-essential travel beyond the region of our public health authority. Whilst there is currently no requirement to self-isolate for those entering or returning to our region from nearby hotspots like Toronto or Ottawa, the situation is always evolving and everyone should be vigilant. Unnecessary visits from friends or family who live outside our public health region are discouraged.

Mental Health

In an age of such advanced communication technology and media, it can be overwhelming when exposed to so much disquieting information. News media profits from social anxiety and preoccupation, and thus the sheer volume of opinion and information on the topic of COVID-19 has increased steadily. Quite simply it is not helpful to overburden the mind with too much of what is “out there” on the topic. Overexposure leads to heightened anxiety, depression, and feelings of helplessness. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has four good pieces of advice:

  • take breaks from news media
  • take care of your body (eat right, exercise, meditate, get lots of restful sleep)
  • make time to unwind and do activities you enjoy or find fulfilling
  • find ways to connect with others and talk

Compassion should be our collective response to one another, period.


Lastly, times such as these can create new and difficult challenges for a community. What is important is for us to remember who we are: we are proud citizens of this beautiful, special place. Part of what makes Amherst Island what it is, is our community spirit – our best available defence against this pandemic. Although we are physically distancing ourselves from one another, I would ask that we remain connected with one another as best we can and in as many innovative ways as we can. Compassion should be our collective response to one another, period.

This pandemic is indeed “novel” and unprecedented. The unpredictability and rapid evolution of it is genuine cause for concern. However, there is a lot to be confident about, particularly given the country we live in. We are going to be okay. We are going to get through this and life will go on. It may be different. How different and in what ways, we cannot really know yet. The altruism, creativity, resilience, and optimism that characterize “the Island way” ought to be our light in this dark passage.

I have said many times before, and I will repeat it again: It is the privilege of my life to represent you; it is not a job but a vocation. I will do my very best to rise to this intense occasion, as I know and trust you will, too.


Nathan Townend

Contact Us

AICA Telephone: (613) 929-2905

Community Strategic Plan

From its earliest days one of the goals of the Amherst Island Community Alliance was the creation of a strategic plan for the island. This plan would take into consideration island resources, capacity, and the goals and aspirations of islanders and island groups.

This began with a series of public meetings that asked residents for ideas about what they felt the island was doing well, what we needed less of, what we needed more of, and where our sights were set. It continued with the administration in July 2019 of an islander-wide census that aimed to capture those metrics in a measurable and digestible format. And it continues now with more focused public consultation and advocacy to highlight the best, easiest, and most impactful projects and initiatives to support and grow the island into the future.

Two information sessions were held on the long weekend in September to lay out the information gathered in the census. They were followed up by another public meeting later that month during which community organizations were welcomed to join the AICA to present their work and their goals to the community.

These are the results of those meetings as the strategic document presented that day.