Ferry Service

Due to the upcoming Canada Day weekend, higher volumes of traffic are expected when travelling to and from Amherst Island.
Longer than usual wait times are to be expected during the long weekend, with the busiest timeframe centered around Canada Day events on the Island.
When planning your Canada Day weekend, consider alternative transportation options such as biking or walking on the ferry if possible.
Frontenac II emerging from the spring mist
Frontenac II – By Brian Little

The Amherst Island Ferry Service runs between the Millhaven Ferry Dock (mainland side) and the Stella Ferry Dock (island side) on a daily, year-round basis. Amherst Island regularly serviced by the 33-car MV Frontenac II, and during periods of prolonged maintenance is substituted by the 17-car MV Quinte Loyalist.

The ferry is operated by Loyalist Township and the ferry is owned by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.


The ferry leaves Stella on the hour every hour from 6:00 am until 1:00 am. The ferry leaves Millhaven on the half-hour from 6:30 am until the last boat at 1:30 am.

The ferry leaves exactly on time when possible and does not wait for late arrivals. The ferry crosses the channel in approximately 20 minutes.

In the event of an emergency, the ferry prioritizes emergency vehicles, meaning that it will return to the mainland in mid-trip and attend to the emergency before resuming the regular schedule. This may include the removal of vehicles from the ferry to make room for emergency vehicles.

Dock Locations

Millhaven Ferry Dock (mainland side), 5604 Highway 33, Millhaven, ON

Stella Ferry Dock (island side), 1 Stella 40 Foot Road, Stella, ON


Fares are payable at the time of crossing (from the mainland to the island) by cash or electronic payment, the latter being the preferred payment method. Books of bulk tickets may be purchased on the ferry. For non-standard sized vehicles, more than one ticket may be required at the discretion of the purser. Bulk ticket price is $100 for 25 round-trip tickets.

  • Car, truck (under 1 ton), van, farm tractor or small school bus – $10.00
  • RV or car with trailer, large vehicles requiring up to two vehicle spaces, or large school bus – $20.00
  • Large vehicles and trailers or equipment requiring more than two vehicle spaces – $10.00 per space used
  • Motorcycle – $2.00
  • Bicycle – $1.50
  • Pedestrian/passenger – FREE

Note: An administration charge of $20.00 will be added to the fare for any motorist with insufficient funds to pay the fare. The administration charge is required to cover costs incurred to prepare an invoice.

Ferry Line Etiquette

It is important to be respectful and orderly while waiting for the ferry. At periods of peak usage, or diminished capacity (such as when the ferry is attending an emergency, or while being replaced by a smaller ferry), there can be a great deal of pressure on the ferry mustering areas on both docks. In these instances, it is vital to observe good ferry line etiquette and to listen to ferry staff on the docks when they are present.


  • Fill all lanes as you arrive
  • Pull all the way to the front of the line to ensure lines can be filled
  • Be mindful of your position in the line and wait your turn

Ferry User Notes

Frontenac II docking in the evening at the Stella Wharf

  • Regular ferry maintenance is scheduled in advance as often as possible and is announced on social media, this website’s events calendar, ferry dock signboards, and CodeRed messages sent to residents who have signed up for them.
  • Prolonged unexpected breakdowns are announced on local radio stations and a message will be on the ferry office phone (613-386-7351, ext. 400). The Amherst Island radio station, CJAI 101.3 FM. Service updates will also be posted on Twitter, @island_ferry and on Facebook.
  • Cell phone use while loading and unloading the Ferry is prohibited. Please pay attention and follow instructions from the ferry staff.

Guidelines for Larger Vehicles

The ferry’s maximum overhead clearance is 13 feet. Should you wish to load a vehicle exceeding that height, please contact the Ferry Office to discuss your particular instance; or bring the vehicle to the ferry dock for a test fit. The ferry’s former maximum length restrictions are essentially finished now that the ferry has converted to end-loading configuration.

Additional information can be found on the Loyalist Township Ferry page.


In the event of an emergency, the ferry will prioritize emergency vehicles. This may include the removal of vehicles to make room for emergency vehicles and could mean returning to the mainland mid-trip before resuming the normal schedule.

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