Amherst Island, Ontario is home to three charming churches that are central to the community’s history and culture.

St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, which was built in 1883 and features beautiful stained-glass windows and intricate woodwork. The church still holds occasional special events, such as the Waterside Summer Series music performances and the Amherst Island Medical Clinic’s monthly health clinics.

Another historic church on the island is St. Alban’s Anglican Church, which was built in 1890. Its picturesque location on the water makes it a popular spot for tourists and photographers. Its weekly service is currently conducted online via Facebook.

The island’s Catholic church is St. Bartholomew’s, which was built around 1876 and originally served the island’s Anglican population as Christ Church, was reconsecrated to replace the old St. Bart’s the burned down in 1976 after being struck by lightning. After many years of island Catholics having to travel across the bay for church services, the local community eventually found a new home in 1987, just in time for Christmas Mass. While it doesn’t have regular weekly services any more, St. Bartholomew’s is a beloved part of the community and serves as a gathering place for special events.

St. Alban’s Anglican Church

5000 Front Road – East end of the Village of Stella

St. Bartholomew’s Catholic Church

12525 Front Road – West of the Village of Emerald


St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church

1955 Stella 40 Foot Road – 2 km south of Stella