Welcome to Amherst Island

Amherst Island is located in Lake Ontario west of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The island is part of Loyalist Township in Lennox and Addington County. Amherst Island is located about 3 kilometres (2 mi) offshore from the rest of Loyalist Township and access to the island is by way of the Frontenac II ferry from Millhaven.

The main population centre on the island is the village of Stella, which is the where the ferry lands on the island side. Harrowsmith Country Life  declared the island’s local hamlet, Stella, as one of the “prettiest towns in Canada”.

Points of Interest Map

Click on any of the points of interest on the map above to learn more about the business or location it represents. The map above is broken down into businesses, geographic areas of interest, etc. The map is printable through Google Maps, and paper copies are available at many locations on the Island.

The Wool Shed

It's not fancy and it is ours

This is one of the ways we save the farm

Selling raw materials at wholesale prices cannot sustain a lifestyle

In the 1990's Topsy starts getting blankets made from our own wool

Blankets need a home

This shop is made of reclaimed wood

Built by friends and neighbours

The windows let in the pasture-green, the skylights let in the blue

The polished, dark concrete floor is chosen because we will always be in and out with our work boots

Cleaning all day is an inefficient use of labour

This is how a farmer thinks

The Wool Shed is the point of contact for our visitors

It is the place where you first met Ian

It is the place where you meet Leah, Colette, or Mia

You tour Sally's Garden - it is a lucky day to be sent home with basil or tomatos

To hangout inside the sunflower fort

Topsy takes its name from the idea of being "Topsy Turvey" - upsidedown and backwards

Topsy is also a literary character

What is a name?

The true story is that our hippie founders sat down down with a bottle of rum and a commitment to not leave the table until a name was chosen - Topsy Farms

Topsy makes
Topsy grows
Topsy works
Topsy breathes
Topsy fails
Topsy keeps going
Topsy Farms

Our retail store is at the dead end of a gravel road on an island on the way to nowhere

Location location location

And yet you come

You beautiful humans

Without you there could be none of this now

A farm poised at the edge of being a business

You have given us hope

You have given us a place to stand

You have our gratitude forever


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🥂Congratulations to our buyer and seller!
😢We are sad to lose Jan who has been a great neighbour.
😃So happy to welcome Louise & Ralph to Amherst Island - Rylynn will be so happy to have her grandparents nearby 💜

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Early morning island deliveries ⛴

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Not many of us here this evening. I guess everyone else has a better place to be! Ferry #amherstisland ...

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I spend too much time waiting my turn. Ferry #amherstisland ...

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If you live in Ontario, save and share this post for later!

Amherst Island is a small, special place in naturallylennoxaddington. During peak season in the summer months, it has at most 1000 residents on the island.

I really enjoyed writing all about it in my most recent article for ultimateontario. There are opportunities to visit local farms, learn about the history of the island, and take in the beauty of its famous Irish dry stone walls.

It’s a special place to disconnect and relax. Thank you to naturallylennoxaddington for hosting us a few weeks back, and giving us the perfect opportunity to explore this idyllic island.

Head to my link in bio to check out the full article!

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Don’t miss our Sunday Special! We’re doing some travel dining this weekend: Moroccan spiced @topsyfarms lamb with Moroccan chickpeas and a side of refreshing raita. Thinking globally and eating locally at The Back Kitchen!
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Peaceful night anchored at Kerr Bay, after the crowds left. #kerrbay #amherstisland #niagara35 #sailinglakeontario #sailing ...

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Where I stand. So much done; so much more to do! #whereistand #amherstisland Project House. ...

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Good Morning Amherst Island! It’s a lovely day to be out and about! The Women’s Institute Coffee Cart has been dusted off and has rolled up to the side of The Neilson Store Museum and Cultural Centre! Come see your neighbours, enjoy a cup of coffee and a treat or two, and then come see me in The Weasel and Easel so I can show you what’s new in the shop! Lots of exclamation, because it’s exciting! Come! #amherstisland #womensinsitute weaselandeasel neilsonstoremuseum womensinstitute ...

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Happy Fish Fryday! 🐡🐠🐟

It feels like a perfect day for BK Fish and Chips. Pre-order online or call after 11am to reserve your fish before it’s all gone!

(Friendly reminder that Fish and Chips are available after 4pm)
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