If you’re planning a visit to Amherst Island chances are you’re planning to come by car, bike, or on foot. If so, you’ll need to plan to take the ferry to get here.

Amherst Island’s current ferry, the Frontenac II, fits about 33 vehicles, give or take, that are loaded on a first-come, first served basis. On your way to the island, you’ll be boarding the ferry at the Millhaven terminal located along Highway 33, just east of Bath, Ontario.

The ferry leaves Millhaven on the half-hour, with the first mainland ferry at 6:30am, and runs 7 days a week; holidays included. The ferry ride is about 18 minutes long, which gives the ferry crew time to unload and reload the ferry in time to leave the Stella side on the hour (starting at 6:00am). The ferry runs until 2:00am, when it ties up on the island side.

There are parking lots at ferry terminals both on the mainland and island sides where can choose to leave your vehicle if you are traveling on foot, or by bicycle once you get to the island.

There is a cost to ride the ferry, depending on your mode of transportation, which is $10 for a car or truck, $2 for a motorcycle, and $1.50 for a bicycle. Passengers and pedestrians ride free.

It’s a good idea to arrive at the ferry a few minutes before “boat time” to make sure that you can get on. As noted before the ferry service is first-come, first-served and sometimes the lines are long. In the summer there is often a dock attendant who can help you navigate the challenges of a congested ferry dock and who makes sure that everyone is where they’re supposed to be.

Things to Do

You may have already decided what you’re coming to Amherst Island to do, whether it’s to visit one of our businesses or cultural locations, or whether it’s to enjoy a public space like one of the island’s beaches or parks, or whether it’s just to circle the island and enjoy the scenery.

But if you’re still looking for something to do, considering checking out the Island Activities page for more information, or see the list of upcoming Island events below.

Upcoming Events

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