Amherst Island Community Alliance

The Amherst Island Community Alliance (AICA) is a not for profit community-focused and community-directed organization that aims to assist island initiatives through support, advocacy, and leadership.

Some of the things the AICA does:

  • Conducts the Amherst Island census (See 2019 results)
  • Maintains the Amherst Island website
  • Holds public meetings to foster coordination between island organizations
  • Meets with all levels of government to identify opportunities for islanders

Membership in the Amherst Island Community Alliance is voluntary and open to all Amherst Island residents. To become a member simply send an email to or fill out the form below.

Become a Member

Membership in the AICA not only enables you to be informed of and have your voice heard in AICA decisions but also lends your voice to the AICA’s activities and work. The more members the AICA has, the larger an impact it can have and the more it can do for Amherst Island.