Welcome to the new Amherst Island website

The Amherst Island website has faithfully served the island community for more than 20 years. It has been a landing page for those on the internet looking to find more information about the island community, its residents, and its businesses. And, it has served as a host for the online edition of the Beacon.

But it hasn’t changed much in all that time.

The technology of the internet has changed a great deal in the time that the Amherst Island website has been online. The way net information is consumed has changed. And it’s time that the Amherst Island website catches up to the times.

This new website is responsive (meaning that it works on phones as well as desktop computers), dynamic, easy to update, and fresh. It will include all of the same information that the old website contained, but it can include so much more.

For much of the time that the Amherst Island website has existed, Alex Scott has maintained it entirely single-handedly. With this new “version” of the website that work can be easily shared among a team of updaters in order to ensure the best information for residents and visitors.

I hope that you will enjoy this new incarnation of the Amherst Island website, and if you have any comments or suggestions for new content or new ways to display old content, please let us know.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Amherst Island website

  1. The new website looks great. Thank you for putting this together. It will certainly be helpful to all.

  2. The previous website had wonderful links to genealogical databases that don’t seem to have carried onto the new site. I hope they return.

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