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St. Paul's Presbyterian Church


St. Paul's Presbyterian Church
St. Paul's Presbyterian Church


St. Paul's Presbyterian Church
1955 Stella 40 Foot Stella ON K0H 2S0

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May 23 2024


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The Book Exchange on the Hill

“Take a Book, Leave a Book”

After Thanksgiving, St. Paul’s doors will be open to allow Islanders to “borrow” a book, like a library, but with no cards, membership or timeframe to read your selections.

The concept that we are initiating is to “take a book, leave a book”. When you borrow a book, you bring a book in exchange (if you can).

We have gathered a small number of current fiction and non-fiction books, but we look forward to adding more books to the collection. In that regard, if you have any books you’ve enjoyed and are willing to share with others (with no hope of getting them back), we would be the happy recipients of your donations – if the books are current and in good shape. We are happy to receive any type of fiction or non-fiction. However, please, we will not accept magazines, Readers’ Digest Condensed books, textbooks, dictionaries, coffee table books, or old, musty books.

We also have a small collection of children’s books and would like to add Y.A. (young adult) and jigsaw puzzles for Islanders to share.

Location: The Upper Room
St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church
1955 Stella 40 Foot Road

Hours of Operation: Thursdays from 3 to 7 p.m. or any time the church is open for community events (church, A.I. Community Medical Clinic, etc.)

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