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Jul 29 - 30 2023


weekend event
All Day



Meet Me in the Meadow Again – a Scything Gathering

This event is not run by Topsy but is taking place here.

Are you an experienced scyther or a scythe-curious newbie? Want to make hay while the sun shines? Join us, ORSN, FolkCamp and Topsy Farms on Amherst Island in Ontario to learn about scythes, scything and hay-making the old-fashioned way.

Although its a bit early, we will also be celebrating our various traditions of harvest time, including Lammas (loaf-mass -Anglo-saxon “hlaf-mass” ) or Lughnasadh (The assembly of the sun-god Lugh) in Gaelic.

Learn scythe- history, use, blade types, Sharpening and Peening, Haymaking Theory, Grass ID.

A weekend campout, potluck meals, with music and mid-day rests.

Hosts: Jacob and Rachel



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