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Jul 03 2023


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Amherst Island Blooms is a program that recognizes gardeners on Amherst Island for their outstanding work in beautifying and enriching the island. The program, which is now in its third year, is run by the Amherst Island Community Alliance and relies on nominations from the community to identify and celebrate outstanding gardeners.

Amherst Island Blooms is not just limited to flower gardeners but also includes vegetable gardeners. The program recognizes gardeners who have dedicated their time and effort to create beautiful gardens and flourishing vegetable patches on the island. The recognition is not only a celebration of the gardeners’ achievements but also an appreciation of the work they have done to improve the aesthetic of the island and promote sustainable living.

The nomination process for Amherst Island Blooms is straightforward and easy. You, the community, nominate your favourite gardeners through the online form below. The form asks you to name and describe the gardener and their gardener. The nomination period is open from May 20th until July 3rd, after which all island residents who are nominated receive the annual recognition “leaf” to add to their collection.

The “leaf” is a beautiful memento for the gardeners who are recognized by the program. It is a symbol of their hard work and dedication to making Amherst Island a beautiful place to live. The “leaf” is a physical reminder of their contributions and encourages them to continue their work in the future.

The Amherst Island Blooms program is not only a celebration of our great gardeners but also a way to promote sustainable living on the island. Vegetable gardening is an excellent way to promote healthy eating and reduce the carbon footprint of the community.

Nominate your favourite gardener today and let them know that their hard work is appreciated.

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