Loyalist Township Report a Concern Form

Loyalist Township offers residents a convenient way to report their concerns about local issues through its “Report a Concern” feature on its website. The feature allows residents to report a range of concerns, including poor road conditions, park maintenance, flooding, by-law infractions, and more. This form also allows residents to make general inquiries such as questions about by-laws, construction projects, and township-issued permits.

Using the “Report a Concern” feature is simple and easy. Residents can access the feature on the Loyalist Township website, and then fill out a form to report their concern. The form asks for details about the issue, such as the location of the problem and a description of the concern. Residents can also attach photos to provide additional information about the issue.

The form is available here: https://www.loyalist.ca/en/living-in-loyalist/report-a-concern.aspx

Once a concern has been submitted, the Loyalist Township staff will review the report and take appropriate action to address the issue. This may include sending out maintenance crews to repair damaged roads, mow grass at sports fields, or address by-law infractions.

The “Report a Concern” feature is a valuable tool for residents to use in helping to keep their community safe and well-maintained. By providing an easy way to report concerns, Loyalist Township can quickly respond to issues and improve the overall quality of life for its residents.

Reporting concerns to the township is crucial because it allows them to collect valuable data on local issues. By tracking the number and types of concerns reported, the township can identify patterns and trends, allowing them to make informed decisions about how to allocate resources and prioritize future initiatives. For example, if the township receives a large number of reports about a particular road, they may choose to invest in repairing or repaving it. Without this data, it would be much harder for the township to identify and address the most pressing issues in the community. By reporting concerns, residents can help ensure that our community receives the attention and resources it needs to thrive.