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Amherst Island Microgreens

We offer a weekly or bi-monthy subscription of Microgreens.
Microgreens are small edible plants grown in coco coir and harvested as the plant shows the first true leaf.
Usually grown over a 10 - 20 day time period.
Not to be confused with sprouts which are grown in 2-5 days and do not have leaves.
Microgreens are highly nutritious and have more nutrients than the full mature plant or vegetable. They are rich in flavor and add a welcome splash of colour to a variety of dishes.
They are used as a snack, in salads, on sandwiches, eggs as a garnish or for juicing.
Our specialty is Sunflower microgreens. We grow these every week and then usually grow another variety on the side to accompany. It could be beets, kolrabi, radish, peppercress, broccoli etc.
Sunflowers. 50gr $5, 100gr $10, Family / Health Nut Size 250g $20
More fragile varieties are 30gr $5 and 60gr $10
We offer free delivery for customers on Amherst island and are seeking a drop off location on the mainland.

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Amherst Island Microgreens 1 review

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1 review
  • Jacob

    Excellent service delicious greens!!

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