Island Parks

Amherst Island is host to several public spaces where visitors and residents can relax and enjoy the peaceful island outdoors. All public spaces on Amherst Island are unmonitored and usage is at your own risk. Camping on any public space on Amherst Island is not permitted at any time.

Centennial Park

A treed park with swings in the background and parking in the foreground.
Centennial Park in Stella

Centennial Park features picnic tables, a swing set, and a public portable restroom.

Lane’s End Park

Lane’s End is located at 5375 South Shore Road, directly at the end of the Stella 40 Foot Road.

Sand Beach

Sand Beach Wetlands Conservation Area is located at 5975 Third Concession Road on the shores of Amherst Bay.

The beach is owned by Loyalist Township and was purchased in partnership with the Ontario Heritage Trust. The beach consists of 54 acre of shoreline, wetlands, and open fields all of which are ecologically significant in their own ways. The area’s woods and dunes are a provincially significant wetland which provide unique breeding grounds for species at risk. Sand Beach is included in the Globally Significant Important Bird Area which covers all of Amherst Island.

There is a long stretch of beautiful shoreline to relax on, swim from, and enjoy at the Sang Beach. Sand Beach features a large parking lot for cars, and a nearby boat launch. There is a portable public rest room at the Sand Beach. Signage indicates access points to the beach, as crossing the dunes is not permitted (or advisable, as nearly all dune areas are covered in poison ivy).

Dogs are not allowed off-leash at the Sand Beach

Back Beach

Back Beach is actually located on private property, but through a usage agreement with Loyalist Township this space is open to the public from January 1st to Labour Day each year. The shore is sandy and good for swimming.

Water Quality

You can check the water quality of Sand Beach and Back Beach through the KFL&A Public Health website.